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Sputnik – Neat and Clean WordPress Business Theme

Sputnik WordPress Themme for Business - head

Sputnik is a cleanly designed WordPress theme for businesses. If anyone want a business website with clean and neat design Sputnik should be given a brief look. The demo is not well made and very very simple. There are very few pages in the demo that don’t give you a very good idea what this WordPress theme is about. This WP theme is for clean business websites.

Sputnik is very responsive and should be working with the mobile devices. Technically the theme looks sound as it is responsive and high resolutions which make it compatible on many devices. It is also compatible with modern browsers. It comes with PHP files, JS files, CSS files and documentation.

Sputnik is a customizable WordPress theme and its price is $35 on ThemeForest.

Theme Features


Sputnik is a customizable WordPress theme. You can add custom logo of your business to your website, user custom images in header, add sidebars to align them left or right, customize the colors for your business website etc.


Compatibility of WordPress theme is important as the compatibility of your website depends upon it. It is compatible with WordPress 3.8 and latest browsers and old ones e.g. Internet Explorer 8. IE 9, IE 10, IE 11, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome. It is also compatible with multiple plugins like WPML, Zilla Shortcodes plugin, Zilla Social plugin and Twitter widget pro plugin.

Mobile Readiness

Modern websites need to be ready for mobile devices and that’s why modern WordPress themes are being developed as mobile ready. While Sputnik is also a mobile ready theme with being responsive and high resolution at the same time.


Sputnik is made for businesses and it also includes a blog as most themes do. The blog is very simple with minimal layout and standard design. Post formats are included for publishing your desired posts in the blog. Only three post formats are listed in the features of Sputnik (Image post format, Video post format and Gallery post format).


Buyers can have support in the comments section of theme. Support is looking good as mostly the support is while the theme is new. So it is always better to buy a new theme with active support rather than an old theme.


Sputnik WordPress Themme for Business - homepage

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